Very Impressive Gift Set - French Press Brewing Kit & Coffee Subscription

What's included:

  • 2-Month Prepaid Rotating Handle Coffee Subscription
  • Yama Glass 6-Cup French Press
  • Rose Gold Cupping Spoon from Umeshiso Coffee Supply
  • Loom Coffee Co. Stickers

Gift Subscription Duration

Introducing the Very Impressive Gift Set - the perfect present for coffee enthusiasts, home baristas, and anyone looking to delight their loved ones with the gift of great coffee. This gift set combines the elegant functionality of the Yama Glass 6-Cup French Press with a two-month prepaid subscription to our exclusive Rotating Handle Coffee Subscription.

With this gift set, your friend, colleague, or loved one will receive 1lb of whole bean coffee every two weeks for two months. Each delivery offers a new, unique single-origin coffee from our menu, allowing them to explore an array of flavors and profiles.

To add a touch of elegance, we've included a rose-gold cupping spoon from renowned coffee educator Umeko Motoyoshi of Umeshiso Coffee Supply. And because we believe in spreading the love for coffee, we've tossed in a pair of Loom Coffee Co. stickers.

This gift set goes beyond just a single moment of joy. With our two-month Rotating Handle Coffee Subscription, your loved ones will continue to receive exceptional coffee long after the holiday season is over. It's a gift that keeps on giving, delivering joy and deliciousness with every cup.

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