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The photo shows the view from within a bustling coffee shop.

A Living Wage for Coffee Service Workers

by Dani Straughan 6 min read

Contributor Dani Straughan explores the conversation around the Living Wage in the US coffee industry - featuring an interview with Elle Taylor of Denver, CO based Amethyst Coffee Company:

.."The fact that the minimum wage hasn’t kept pace with a changing economy has made life precarious for low wage earners, and kept many at or just above the poverty line."

.."There are many in the coffee industry who continue to earn low wages, but the time for change is afoot... people are seeking out a more conscientious cup."

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Photo of a barista placing a portafilter basket into a shiny chrome espresso machine.

Union Efforts in The Coffee Industry

by Dani Straughan 9 min read

Is there change brewing for workers in the coffee industry?

Cafe workers have faced issues in the workplace for a long time, though unionization has historically been low in the sector. As workplace issues have become exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, workers are realizing the benefits that unionization can offer.

Aiden Graham (NC AFL-CIO) offers one other suggestion, however:Β 

β€œThe other thing that we need is workers organizing, anywhere and everywhere they can.”

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