About Loom Coffee Co.

    Loom Coffee Co. began to take shape in early 2020, when our community of coffee professionals were confronted by the limitations of a coffee industry under pandemic circumstances. The cafes we love were shuttered, service workers were laid off or faced with under-employment, and coffee producing countries endured massive labor shortages and public health crises under Covid-19. For our small team of founding members, this shift offered an opportunity to reevaluate our relationship to the coffee industry. The pandemic challenged our notions of community, laying bare the issue of precarity among laborers at all points in the supply chain.


     At Loom, we’re creating a space where we can all explore the craft of coffee.

 From seed to cup, coffee's journey is made possible by an intricate global tapestry of cooperation; from the connections between farmers, importers and exporters, roasters, and baristas to the connection we each have with our own daily coffee rituals. Our vision is to weave together these stories into a thoughtfully curated and uniquely enjoyable coffee experience, highlighting the good work done by every hand in the value chain.


     When we share the experience of coffee, we share in the fruits of very real labor, defying borders and often spanning many generations.

We try to engage with the global coffee trade in a way that aligns with our values - by seeking transparency in the sourcing of our green coffee and ensuring that producers are paid a fair price for their labor.


     We believe that all workers deserve a living wage, equity and ownership, tangible material benefits and freedom from exploitation.

As such, we offer a living wage to all of our team members and we encourage workers’ union activity, both at Loom and in the coffee industry at large. Through coffee education and accessibility initiatives, we strive to open up conversations and career opportunities in our community. 

      If our mission resonates with you - whether you’re a coffee lover who wants to learn more, or a coffee worker who’s interested in joining our team - we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our team anytime at info@loom.coffee