Saxophone Academy Coffee Club

Variety is the spice of life, and coffee is the fuel of virtuosity.

We’ve partnered with the Saxophone Academy Podcast and YouTube channel to offer the Saxophone Academy Coffee Club:

A monthly coffee subscription you can enjoy with the Academy faculty and support their mission of providing the highest quality saxophonic education.

Subscribers will experience a wide array of unique single-estate and co-op coffees from distinctive regions around the world, curated by the roasting team at Loom Coffee Co.

"Last fall I sat down at my local coffee house to write some scale exercises, and I had the best cup of coffee of my life. It was from Loom Coffee Co. - a local coffee roaster and our neighbors in Greensboro North Carolina. 

Every month you’ll get a hand picked roast delivered straight to your practice studio - a world class coffee from Loom Coffee Co., who are generously providing a portion of the proceeds to support our mission of making high quality instructional materials free and widely available."

Dr. Wally Wallace - Educator and host of the Saxophone Academy Podcast and YouTube Channel

This month's featured roast:

Bossa Virtuosa: Natural Brazil

Hazelnut, chocolate malt, dried cherry

Naturally processed Catuai from the Cerrado Mineiro region in southwestern Minas Gerais, Brazil.