PUQpress Mini - 58.3mm

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Efficiency Meets Precision: PUQpress Mini Automatic Tamper

For the passionate home barista or the intimate café setting, the PUQpress Mini is the epitome of modern tamping evolution. Beautifully compact, yet undeniably powerful, it's slightly smaller than the Q1 or Q2 models, saving valuable counter space on your coffee bar.

Designed for peak versatility, its adjustable lower clamp is suited for all portafilter types (bottomless, single-spout, or double-spout). The PUQpress Mini's 58mm piston accommodates most standard portafilter baskets, including from the La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Wega/Astoria, and Slayer Espresso.

Consistency: The Cornerstone of Exquisite Espresso

The quest for flawless espresso demands consistent tamping—a varying tamp can drastically alter the quality of your extraction. The PUQpress Mini offers three precision-driven tamping profiles to match your brewing style.

Leave the days of laborious, painstaking tamping practices behind; with the PUQpress Mini, expect a consistently level tamp, ensuring optimal extraction with every shot.

  • Automatic Excellence: Effortless tamping with stellar consistency.
  • Customized Pressure: Adjustable range of 20-60lbs to fine-tune your brew.
  • Stylish Variants: Available in both sleek black and pristine white.

PUQpress Mini User Manual
PUQpress Mini Exploded View