PUQpress M5 (GEN5) Automatic Tamper for E80S

  • Fits underneath Mahlkönig E80 Supreme & E80S GbW grinders
  • Customizable tamping profiles
  • New non-stick tamper finish

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Dial-In Expert Espresso Preparation: PUQpress M5 Automatic Tamper Introducing the PUQpress M5, the culmination of innovation tailored to the needs of baristas. Crafted to revolutionize your espresso creation process, the M5 is more than just a tamper – it's the embodiment of precision and ergonomic excellence. 

Designed to fit seamlessly underneath the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme & E80S GbW grinder models, ensuring a perfect pairing for unparalleled coffee production.

Mastering the Art with M5's Precision For baristas dedicated to the nuanced art of coffee making, the PUQpress M5 is your trusted ally. Its automated precision tamping technology guarantees a consistently flawless tamp for every espresso. No longer are the inconsistencies of hand tamping a concern.

Custom tamping profiles allow baristas to adjust the force and depth of the tamp on the fly to achieve and replicate the perfect shot.

  • Ergonomic Excellence: Say goodbye to the strains of traditional tamping.
  • Tailored for Mahlkonig: Perfectly complements E80 Supreme & E80S GbW grinder models.
  • Consistency is Key: Achieve uniform tamping pressure every time.
  • Efficient Workflow: Optimize and streamline your espresso preparation.
  • Cutting-Edge Engineering: Promises unparalleled tamp balance and compression.

PUQpress M5 User Manual
PUQpress M5 Exploded View