Pinecone Pinion All-Purpose Coffee Grinder

  • 65mm flat burrs
  • All-purpose grinder suitable for both espresso and filter coffee.
  • A finely-stepped dial to adjust grind sizes.
  • Compact¬†footprint & high output.
  • 12-Month Limited Warranty

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Versatile Grinding for Every Brew

Meet the Pinion, crafted by the renowned Pinecone Swiss‚ÄĒa brand dedicated to making precision coffee grinders accessible to passionate coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Designed in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, the Pinion harnesses decades of experience in the specialty grinder industry, offering you a premium performer with exceptional Swiss engineering and production.

Designed with the home barista in mind, the Pinion is the all-purpose grinder you've been longing for. Whether you crave a rich espresso shot or desire a flavorful filter brew, this versatile grinder caters to all your coffee needs. Its vertically oriented 65-millimeter flat burrs spin at 3,000 RPM, ensuring a consistent output of 5-6 grams per second of ground coffee, so you can enjoy your favorite brews with ease.

Tailored Grind Settings and Durable Design

With finely stepped grind settings, ranging from espresso fineness to cold brew coarseness, the Pinion gives you complete control over your coffee recipes. Its 600-gram-capacity hopper allows for smooth bean feeding, thanks to the pre-breaker auger, while the sturdy metal housing houses all moving parts, ensuring long-lasting durability and minimal noise.

Superior User Experience and Accessories

For added convenience, the Pinion comes equipped with a portafilter holder and a dosing cup, making your coffee preparation a breeze. Embrace Swiss quality and craftsmanship with the Pinecone Pinion, the perfect addition to your home coffee setup.

Proudly made in Switzerland, this grinder features Swiss-made burrs and reflects Pinecone's dedication to delivering top-notch performance for years of exceptional coffee experiences.

Technical Specifications:
  • ¬†Voltage // frequencies:
  • 120V // 60 Hz // 510 W // 4.7 A
    230V // 50 Hz // 450 W // 2.1 A
    • Idle speed:3.100 rpm¬†
    • Burr¬†diameter:¬†65¬†mm
    • Burr¬†material:¬†Steel
    • Average grinding capacity*: 5-6 g/sec
    • Bean hopper capacity: 600 g
    • Dimensions (w x h x d): 150 x 245 x 450 mm
    • Dimensions of packing (w x h x d):¬†400 x 350 x 200 mm
    • Net weight:¬†5.5 kg
    • Gross weight:¬†6¬†kg
    • Certifications:¬†CE, CB, CCC, ETL, KC, NSF, PSE, RCM

Pinecone Pinion User Manual