Pinecone Foxtail Bulk Grinder

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Foxtail Bulk Grinder: High-Volume Precision Grinding

The Foxtail Bulk Grinder, manufactured by Pinecone Swiss, is designed to cater to the needs of roasters, wholesalers, and retailers seeking an efficient commercial shop grinder.

Engineered with three-phase power and 120 mm flat discs, the Foxtail promises consistency and precision in grinding. It boasts grind speeds of over 5.5lb per minute, ranging from fine Turkish to coarse for cold brew. Combined with a high-capacity hopper, this machine ensures that even the most demanding coffee grinding volumes are met seamlessly day after day.

Innovative Modular Design: Streamlining Maintenance & Reducing Downtime

One of the standout features of the Foxtail Bulk Grinder is its unique modular design. The grinding chamber, distinctively separate from the motor, is designed for easy removal and replacement. This innovative approach ensures that regular maintenance tasks, such as burr replacements, recalibration, or alignments, can be swiftly addressed. Users can simply remove the entire chamber module and replace it with a fresh, factory-calibrated one, sending the original back for servicing.

This minimizes the time-consuming and often cumbersome traditional grinder servicing process. By investing in spare modules, cafe and roastery operators can dramatically reduce downtime, ensuring a continuous and smooth operation.

Pinecone Swiss: A Legacy of Innovation in Coffee Grinding

Pinecone Swiss, under the leadership of founder Ilan Maimon, has a rich history rooted in innovation. Maimon, with his extensive background in the coffee grinding industry, brings with him a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Prior to Pinecone, he was pivotal in shaping the trajectory of HeyCafé, a renowned brand of professional coffee grinders, and later contributed significantly to the Hemro Group's innovation efforts (Mahlkönig, Anfim, Ditting, HeyCafé).

Maimon's dedication and passion for designing grinders are evident in Foxtail's design, blending both efficiency and user-friendly features, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the coffee industry.

Pinecone Foxtail Product Sheet
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