Nicaragua: Gold Mountain Maragogype Natural

Strawberry, white grape, passion fruit, and jasmine


Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega & Matagalpa
Producer: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
Farm: GMCG Member Farms
Process: Natural
Variety: Maragogype
Harvest: October-March
Elevation: 1200-1500 meters

We were introduced to this exceptional coffee by Benjamin and Bethanie at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers - a direct-trade cooperative of Nicaraguan specialty farms. This nanolot is a naturally processed Maragogype varietal, renowned for its exceptionally large beans and intense flavor potential.

The unique Maragogype variety is a natural mutation of Typica discovered near Maragogipe, Bahia, Brazil, and is also a parent of the Pacamara and Maracaturra varieties. The ripest Maragogype cherries are hand-picked at select Gold Mountain Member farms in Jinotega and Matagalpa, grown at altitudes of 1200 to 1500 meters.

The result is a high-quality, low-yield lot that rivals the esteemed Panamanian Geisha naturals found at auctions - a truly distinctive and memorable coffee experience.

Often referred to as the "elephant bean" due to its enormous size, Maragogype stands out for its remarkable characteristics and cup profile.

Processed naturally by drying the whole cherries on raised beds, this coffee can be described as tea-like with delicate cupping notes of strawberry, bubblegum, white grape, passion fruit, and jasmine.

This exceptional lot showcases the commitment to quality and unique flavor profiles that make Gold Mountain Coffee Growers a standout in the world of Nicaraguan specialty coffee.

Taming the Massive Maragogype

When this batch of Maragogype first arrived at our roastery, we quickly realized that these rare, giant beans would require a roast profile totally unique from our other offerings.

In addition to the large size of each bean (some about the size of a US dime), the cellular structure of the beans are less dense than most varieties. This causes the Maragogype beans to take on heat rapidly in the drum roaster, resulting in an extremely short total-roast-time. As Ben Weiner of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers put it, "..roasting Maragogype is a lot more like roasting almonds than coffee beans."

Our roast profile for this coffee finishes in just under 8.5 minutes - about 30% shorter than other coffee varieties - with only 50 seconds of development time after the first audible "crack" around 385°F.