Mahlkönig GH2 Bulk Grinder

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Dependability Meets Versatility: Mahlkönig GH2 Grinder

The Mahlkönig GH2, designed with the coffee shop owner in mind, balances uncompromising quality with value. True to Mahlkönig’s 90-year legacy of crafting top-tier grinders, the GH2 offers uncomplicated versatility and quality.

Equipped with 85 mm Italian-made burrs and a robust motor, it seamlessly delivers a range of grind sizes from Turkish fine to French Press coarse. The stepless adjustment ensures unparalleled precision in grind size.

With a large 4.4 lb bean hopper, businesses can expect efficient and consistent grinding, be it for a single cup pour-over or bulk bag grinding for customers.

Seamless Functionality for Busy Coffee Shops

Every detail of the GH2 speaks to its intuitive design tailored for daily operations in bustling cafes. Its vertically mounted grinding discs ensure minimal ground retention, maximizing product efficiency. The adjustable spout, enhanced with a bag holder, streamlines the grinding process, catering to varied container types from bags to cups.

A removable stainless steel grind tray further simplifies maintenance. While the GH2 delivers on technical proficiency, its true beauty lies in its user-friendly features, allowing baristas of all levels to achieve optimal results with ease.

Budget-Friendly Excellence: Making Quality Coffee Accessible

Navigating the market for a reliable grinder that doesn’t strain the budget can be a challenge. The Mahlkönig GH2 emerges as the answer, providing unmatched quality at a competitive price point. It's an investment that promises quick returns - not just in monetary terms but in the consistent quality of coffee it delivers.

Whether you’re a small cafe just starting out or an established coffee shop looking to upgrade, the GH2 stands out as the economical choice that doesn’t compromise on performance.

What's included:

  • Mahlkönig GH2 Grinder
  • Service kit with product manual, screwdrivers, brush, and hex wrench

Mahlkönig GH2 Product Sheet
Mahlkönig GH2 User Manual
Mahlkönig GH2 Exploded View