Mahlkönig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder

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Elevated Grinding Performance 

In the world of premium espresso grinding, the Mahlkönig E80 Supreme has distinctly positioned itself as a benchmark. Thanks to its optimized 80mm burrs, users can expect consistent grinding at a remarkable speed, achieving a double espresso yield in a mere 3 seconds.

To maintain optimal performance, the E80's integrated dual-fan cooling system stabilizes the internal environment, keeping unwanted thermal expansion in check.

Innovative Precision Technologies

Ensuring meticulous grind adjustments, the E80 Supreme is embedded with Mahlkönig's Disc Distance Detection—a groundbreaking feature that calculates and distinctly displays the exact distance between the burrs up to a precision of 0.001 millimeter (1 micron).

Paired with its stepless adjustment mechanism, this technology empowers baristas to achieve unparalleled precision, sidestepping potential inconsistencies across shifts or varying personnel.

User-Friendly Interface with Quiet Functionality

Packed within the E80 Supreme are not only unmatched speed and consistency but also several nuanced features designed for effortless operation. Its 3.5-inch display clearly presents the burr distance in microns, permits the setting and storage of two distinct grind durations, and offers access to a manual grind option.

Moreover, the strategically illuminated grinds chute ensures accurate doses across standard portafilter baskets. Amidst all this complexity, its design remains refreshingly clear-cut, enabling swift adjustments.

And as a bonus, all these functionalities operate with impressive quietness, ensuring a peaceful working environment.

What's included:

  • Mahlkönig E80 Supreme espresso grinder
  • 1,800-gram stadard hopper
  • Grinds catch tray
  • Product Manual

Mahlkönig E80S Brochure
Mahlkönig E80S Product Sheet
Mahlkönig E80S User Manual
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