Mahlkönig E80S GbW Espresso Grinder

  • Grind-by-Weight Technology
  • Patented Disc Distance Detection (DDD)
  • Grind speed - 7-8g/sec (1700 RPM)
  • 80mm Flat Special Steel burrs
  • 1800g (4 lbs) hopper

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Advanced Grinding Technology

The E80S GbW stands as a testament to Mahlkönig's commitment to precision and technological advancement. Featuring the newest Grind-by-Weight technology, this model introduces a high-precision load cell tunable to 0.1 gram settings. Such a shift from traditional grind-by-time auto-dosing ensures an unwavering dose accuracy. With this technology, factors like grind fineness fluctuations or temperature variations won't compel you to reset your settings when transitioning between coffee bean batches. Your grind size might alter, but your dose weight remains consistent.

Consistent Grind Settings

The innovation doesn't stop at precision weighing - Mahlkönig's Disc Distance Detection (DDD) system is an impressive addition, measuring the gap between the burrs down to 0.1 millimeter. This capability means that once you've identified your perfect grind fineness, you can digitally monitor it and ensure consistent brewing results. By combining the stepless adjustment collar with DDD, staying dialed-in becomes a seamless process, optimizing your extraction process every time.

Intuitive Design and Features

While the E80S GbW builds upon the legacy of the E80 Supreme, it further refines the experience. The grinder is equipped with a clear 3.5” display offering intuitive single-knob controls. With this setup, making adjustments, even amidst the busiest café hours, is simplified. It also inherits the 80mm flat steel burrs from its predecessor, ensuring optimal espresso extraction. The adjustable grinds chute, paired with an improved declumper, delivers perfectly fluffy doses to your portafilter basket, and for maintenance ease, the chute can be swiftly detached for cleaning.

Reliability in High-Demand Settings

Designed with high-volume environments in mind, the E80S GbW is both robust and efficient. It houses an 800w motor equipped with active temperature control. This means during the busiest café hours, the motor remains cool, preventing any adverse impacts on grind quality. Such design considerations ensure the E80S GbW is not only efficient but also maintains a quieter operation compared to many other commercial grinders. In essence, it's a blend of power, precision, and user-friendliness, ideal for bustling coffee establishments.

What's included:

  • Mahlkonig E80S GbW Espresso Grinder
  • 1800 Gram Standard Hopper
  • Grinds Catch Tray
  • Load Cell Cover
  • User Manual

Mahlkönig E80S GbW Product Sheet
Mahlkönig E80S GbW User Manual