Girl Coffee

Ethiopia: Bedhatu Jibicho's Organic Natural

Sweet lemon, jasmine, and ripe blueberry

  • Ethiopia: Bedhatu Jibicho's Organic Natural
  • Yirgacheffe Region, 2200 meters
  • Woman-Owned Family Farm
  • Indigenous Heirloom Varietals

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Introducing our first Girl Coffee Release!

Girl Coffee is all about highlighting the most delicious and unique women-produced coffees. For our flagship offering, we've selected Bedhatu Jibicho's Organic Natural, featuring notes of lemon, jasmine, and blueberry. This natural process coffee is produced on Bedhatu Jibicho's 84 acre farm located in the Yigacheffe region of Ethiopia.

It's fruity, floral, refreshing and juicy - perfect for spring and summer!

At age 81, farmer Bedhatu Jibicho has been managing her coffee farm for over 50 years. Bedhatu works alongside her adult children who help run the farm, passing down her knowledge of producing quality coffee to future generations. Larger than most farms in the area, Bedhatu employees 20 year-round workers and 130 seasonal workers (primarily women) during the harvest season.

As a the family owned business continues to grow and expand into coffee exporting, emphasis on social impact in the communities where they source coffee is taking shape.

About Us! πŸ’…

Welcome to Girl Coffee! We are two besties, Stephanie and Caitie, and we've partenered with our friends at Loom Coffee Co. to bring you women produced specialty coffee beans.

Our goal with Girl Coffee is to source exquisite, unique single-origin coffees that are produced by women from a variety of locations. After sourcing these beans, we work with the roasting team at Loom to roast and package these delicious beans and deliver them directly to your door!

Girl Coffee believes in gender equality and empowering women in the coffee industry. Women play a variety of roles in this field which include baristas, roasters, importers, farmers, and every position in between. We are excited and passionate about specialty coffee and can’t wait to share what we have in store with you.

As the creators of Girl Coffee, we chose to roast these beans specifically, not only because they are organic and woman produced, but also because of their incredible quality and flavor profile. We know you will love drinking this coffee no matter how you choose to enjoy it!