Espresso Machine Backflushing Kit

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Espresso Machine Maintenance: Comprehensive Backflushing Kit 

Our Espresso Machine Backflushing Kit is an essential set of simple tools for the longevity and optimal performance of their coffee equipment.

Equipped with four nylon brushes, designed to effectively reach into tight spaces, ensuring every corner of your machine remains free from coffee residues. Additionally, the brush handles are thoughtfully designed to ensure safety, keeping hands away from hot water during the cleaning process.

Efficient and Safe Backflushing

To complement the cleaning brushes, this kit also includes a 58mm stainless steel blind filter, tailored for backflushing semi-automatic espresso machines. This blind filter, which fits seamlessly into standard portafilter handles, allows baristas to backflush your espresso machine's group heads to prevent buildup of coffee oils and ensure the proper function of the machine.

In a profession where equipment health directly impacts product quality, this kit offers cafe owners peace of mind and the assurance of a well-maintained coffee setup.