Crossland CC1 Home Espresso Machine

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Loom Coffee Co. proudly presents the Crossland CC1 - your passport to exquisite espresso without stretching your budget. Its compact design ensures it seamlessly integrates with your kitchen décor while its extensive features promise an unmatched coffee experience.

The CC1 package includes a standard 58mm portafilter, 16g double basket, 8g single basket, blind basket for backflushing, and a convex tamper.

A Blend of Design and Technology

Compact yet power-packed, the CC1 is a testament to precision and innovation. Equipped with an Electronic Temperature Control and PID, it offers unmatched temperature stability for that perfect shot. Its digital display showcases the brewing temperature while the multifunction keypad lets you choose volumetric programming and program selection with ease.

All these features are housed in a sleek frame measuring just 9 x 12.5 inches, making it a snug fit for any kitchen or small cafe.

A Legacy of Excellence

Originating from a collaboration between the visionary minds of Jacob Ellul Blake and Bill Crossland at La Marzocco, the Crossland CC1 has roots in excellence. The duo was instrumental in the creation of the groundbreaking GS3.

With a lineage that boasts features like PID controlled boilers and programmable pre-infusion in commercial-grade machines, the CC1 carries forward the legacy. It offers high-end features often found in premium machines but at a fraction of the cost.

Top-tier Features in a Compact Frame

Beyond its stunning design, the Crossland CC1 boasts an array of features that ensure a top-notch espresso experience, from its PID-controlled temperature, three programmable shot profiles, to a robust 58mm commercial-grade portafilter. Additional attributes include a 500mL stainless steel boiler, removable cup tray, solenoid valve for backflushing, and a swivel-mount steam wand.

This machine encapsulates high-tech innovation in an affordable and compact package, making it the ultimate entry-level espresso machine.


Crossland CC1 Product Sheet
Crossland CC1 User Manual