Bentwood Vertical 63 All-Purpose Grinder

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Bentwood Vertical 63: The Complete Grinder Solution

The Bentwood Vertical 63 redefines what a commercial-grade coffee grinder can be. This state-of-the-art grinder is specifically designed to cater to an extensive range of coffee preparation methods.

What sets it apart is its unique 63mm special steel burrs, meticulously crafted to extract profound body and complexity from each bean. Its versatility is further highlighted by its recognition in elite competitions such as the 2023 US Coffee Championships.

Precision and Consistency at Its Best

For cafes looking to ensure consistency during the busiest hours, the Vertical 63 is your ideal companion. Its vertical burr design significantly reduces retention, ensuring each dose is as fresh as the first. Coupled with a powerful motor and a double ventilation system, the grinder promises cool, consistent grinding with minimal retention.

Its broad spectrum covers Cold Brew, French Press, Drip Coffee, Pour Over, Espresso, and even Turkish coffee, ensuring you cater to every customer preference seamlessly.

Intuitive Design with User-Friendly Features

Ease of use and functionality are at the core of the Bentwood Vertical 63 design. Its stepless grind adjustment offers intuitive guidance, showcasing particle size indications to streamline the grind setting process.

Whether you're operating with a full hopper or single-dosing, the Vertical 63 is adaptable to your needs. Its adjustable portafilter holder, compatible with all portafilter types, can be either fixed permanently or used flexibly on top of a scale, ensuring flexibility in every brew.

Additional Noteworthy Features

Bentwood has integrated numerous features to amplify user experience and coffee quality. The grinder boasts near-silent operation and a low retention rate.

Its programmable, timed dosing ensures precise measurements for consistent brews. The durable hopper is designed to minimize bean oxidation, preserving freshness.

What's included:

  • Bentwood Vertical 63 All-Purpose Grinder
  • 600g bean hopper
  • 58mm dosing funnel
  • Cleaning brush

Bentwood Vertical 63 Brochure
Bentwood Vertical 63 User Manual
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