Slurp in style with these gorgeous cupping spoons from our favorite coffee educator, Umeko Motoyoshi at Umeshiso Coffee Supply!

We like to keep a few of these on hand for cupping our roasts and for those times when you just need a very nice spoon. We love these spoons for tasting coffee, but they're also great for ice cream, cereal, soup, and anything else spoonable.

These spoons are sold on a sliding scale basis - pay what you can!

As a journalist and organizer Umeko provides invaluable educational resources and outreach around disability access, mental health, coffee producer rights, labor organizing in the coffee industry and more. If you enjoy coffee we highly recommend taking a dive into Umeko's podcast, A Better Table and exploring their outreach and education initiatives at @umeshiso_.

If you're not familiar with coffee cupping, here's a tidy little explainer direct from our Instagram feed!