Tres Pinos, Honduras: Santa Lucia Reserve

Panela, sweet tamarind and crumb cake


Country: Honduras

Region: Tres Pinos, Comayagua

Farm: Finca Santa Lucia

Process: Washed

Variety: Bourbon, Lempira

Harvest: October-March

Elevation: 1200-1650 metres

A portion of proceeds from this coffee are donated to Educate2Envision, promoting education initiatives and youth scholarships in rural Honduras.

Raul Rodriguez is a third-generation coffee producer - the son of Don Ermenegildo Rodriguez, whose vision for specialty coffee would influence generations of farmers in the region. Raul inherited Finca Santa Lucia from his father and lives there with his wife and three dogs - over two and a half hours from Comayagua, the nearest city. Located within the Montaña de La Choca national mountain reserve, Finca Santa Lucia enjoys well-defined seasons which contribute to the consistently high quality of coffee crops.

Ample rain, rich clay soil, and high altitude make for healthy coffee plants and beautiful ripe cherries, and a clear dry season allows producers like Rodriguez to sun-dry the coffees after the washing process. In the highest altitudes of his land, Raul can be found growing new varietals such as Ovata and Pacamara. His new farm, Santa Lucia Reserve, is certified organic and serves as a habitat for many birds, including his favorite - the Toucan.

Always striving for both better quality coffee and greater quality of life for his workers, Raul pays his workers the highest salaries in the region and has chosen to donate a portion of his profits this year to help rebuild the local school which is in need of electricity and a kitchen.

Raul is the grandfather of Nelson Amador - founder and owner of De La Finca Coffee Importers - and through this multi-generational partnership, the family’s coffee makes its way to the United States by direct trade.