Tasting Trio: Experience Anaerobic Processed Coffees


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     It's our pleasure to offer this special tasting experience: a triad of exquisite anaerobic process coffees, each spotlighting the innovative and skillful work of its producers and the unique cup profiles that can be achieved through anaerobic and carbonic maceration processing methods. These reserve lots are available in limited supply, and represent some of the most interesting coffees from these locales. 

     This set is truly a tasting journey. You'll enjoy three coffees from distinctive regions, each processed with an anaerobic fermentation method developed by its producer to bring out an exceptional flavor profile. To make the most of these offerings we recommend a manual, small-format brewing method, such as your favorite pour-over or Aeropress recipe. 


What you'll get:


El Salvador: Los Pirineos Rume Sudan Carbonic Maceration Washed (50g)

Apple, Brown Sugar, Guava, Honey

This Rume Sudan varietal underwent Carbonic Maceration Washed processing at Los Pirineos - the farm of Diego Baraona in the Usulután region of El Salvador. Carbonic Maceration processing is a type of anaerobic processing in which coffee is fermented in a sealed environment infused with carbon dioxide. This infusion removes all free oxygen from the environment to begin anaerobic fermentation immediately, commonly resulting in a silkier texture, increased sweetness, and a complex and delicate acidity.

Ethiopia: Guji Uraga Solomo 20 Day Anaerobic Natural (50g)

Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Almond, Jasmine

This lot of coffee underwent Natural processing with 20 days of fermentation in an anaerobic environment. Ripe cherry deliveries from smallholder contributing producers are first sorted by hand. The best cherries are then placed into special bags which are then sealed. Oxygen is removed from the bags with a vacuum, and the fermentation of the coffee produces CO2, creating an anaerobic environment in the bag. After 20 days of fermentation the cherries are removed from the bag and moved to dry on raised beds for 2–3 weeks until they reach their target humidity.

Honduras: San Isidro Anaerobic Red Honey (50g)

Caramel, Apricot, Graham Cracker, Citrus

Katia Duke comes from a long lineage of coffee growers. Having spent her youth on the family farm, she went on to study agronomy at the prestigious Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School in San Antonio de Oriente, Francisco Morazán, Honduras. When the la roya leaf rust epidemic hit Honduras in 2012, destroying most of the year's coffee crop, she and her family had to reevaluate their approach to coffee farming. 
Katia would become a certified barista and roaster, opening her own cafe to showcase her family's coffees. Five years ago, she was granted plots of land by her father to farm as she saw fit, and has since made a name for herself as an innovator in progressive coffee farming and experimental processing techniques. This lot of Catuai and Obatá varieties underwent anaerobic red honey processing, and the quality of this lot speaks to Katia's years of research, hard work and dedication to the craft of coffee.