This bundle invites you on a sensory journey, exploring the flavor profiles of two unique coffees from the heart of coffee innovation at Aquiares Estate in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

You'll taste through two remarkable coffee varietals - Centroamericano Anaerobic Natural and Esperanza Red Honey - each with its own distinctive characteristics and exceptional cup profile.

What's included?

Loom Coffee Co. Coffee 8oz / whole bean Aquiares Estate: Centroamericano Anaerobic Natural

Aquiares Estate: Centroamericano Anaerobic Natural

Centroamericano Anaerobic Natural mesmerizes with its silky caramel body and captivating aromatics of ripe fruit, including apricot and strawberry. You'll find a creamy milk chocolate sweetness harmonized with a delightful touch of bright grapefruit acidity.

The Centroamericano F1 hybrid is a relatively new cultivar - a cross of the Sarchimor T-5296 and a wild Rume Sudan variety. This hybrid is high-yielding and rust-resistant, and also has a complex, elegant profile.

Loom Coffee Co. Coffee 8oz / filter Aquiares Estate: Esperanza Red Honey

Aquiares Estate: Esperanza Red Honey

Esperanza Red Honey gives us some enchanting flavors, featuring notes of black plum, sweet molasses, and macadamia, complemented by a delightfully creamy texture. This exquisite coffee is a testament to the pursuit of coffee excellence that defines Aquiares Estate.

Esperanza is an F1 hybrid variety generated by a cross between Sarchimor T-5296 and wild Ethiopia ET-25. This variety is unique to Aquiares, and the producer, Diego Robelo chose the name Esperanza, which translates to 'Hope' in English, to indicate the hope that experimental varieties like this offer for the future of coffee farming in a changing climate.

These coffees are near and dear to us, and we're very proud to carry these offerings from a farm that champions equitable practices, fosters community development, and nourishes the environment.

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