Phoenix70 Pourover Dripper Kit with Perfect Paper Filters

What's included:

  • Phoenix70 Pourover Dripper by Saint Anthony Industries
  • 100-Pack of Perfect Paper Filters

The Art of Coffee Brewing: The Phoenix70 Pourover Coffee Dripper

This ingenious dripper is a testament to the marriage of art and science in coffee brewing. Designed and produced by the team at Saint Anthony Industries with precision and a minimalist aesthetic, the Phoenix70 transforms your daily coffee routine into a masterpiece.

Precision in Every Drop

At the heart of the Phoenix70 are the concepts of geometry, physics, and chemistry coming together to create the perfect brew. This dripper is more than just a frame; it's a fundamental component of the brewing process. The geometry of the brew column, shaped by the Phoenix and SAI’s Perfect Paper Filter, plays a pivotal role in crafting your ideal cup of coffee.

Higher Extraction Yields and Cup Clarity

The patent-pending 70-degree cone shape offers a 33% taller brew column compared to standard drippers, increasing water-to-coffee contact and extracting the full spectrum of flavors. Moreover, the taller brew column acts as an effective filter, resulting in a remarkably clear and nuanced cup of coffee.

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