Introducing the latest addition to our menu - the Marcala Farm Project's 72 Hour Double Fermentation Natural, sourced from our friends at De La Finca Coffee importers. You'll find a perfect balance of rich, well rounded body and fruity flavors in this Honduran coffee - a truly delightful tasting experience.

A rich, nutty sweetness reminds us of a Snickers bar on the cupping table, while a pink guava note brings in a subtle fruitiness. We found some complementary earthy, herb-like notes – citrusy, slightly leafy, and with a hint of spice or pepper. The finish is pleasantly dry with a refreshing aftertaste, like a splash of Rosé.

This coffee's unique flavor profile comes from De La Finca's anaerobic processing method, which allows their team full control of the fermentation process to bring out the best in the beans. Their experimental 72-hour fermentation, coupled with a natural drying process adds a lot of fruity sweetness and complexity to the cup.

De La Finca Coffee Importers are fifth-generation coffee farmers with a mission to eliminate the middlemen between coffee producers and consumers. Their Marcala Farm Project is located in the specialty coffee hub of La Paz, Honduras, where they can experiment with different coffee preparations and processing methods without interfering with production on their other farms.

Through their work at the Marcala Farm Project, De La Finca is setting an example for other producers by implementing and teaching best industry practices, and by offering higher wages and year-round employment to workers. We're proud to support their efforts to positively impact and transform the specialty coffee industry in Honduras.