De La Finca Marcala - Decaf Organic Honey Anaerobic

Baker's chocolate, honey and bright citrus


Country: Honduras
Region: La Paz
Farm: De La Finca Marcala Farm Project
Process: Experimental Red Honey Anaerobic, Mountain Water Process
Variety: Yellow and Red Catuai
Harvest: December - March
Altitude: 1450 meters

We were introduced to this coffee by our friends at De La Finca Coffee Importers - a direct-trade coffee importer founded by a fifth-generation coffee farmer, Nelson Raul Amador. Nelson started De La Finca with the goal of eliminating the middlemen between producers and consumers;

β€œInstead of seeing coffee pass through as many as 6-8 hands between farmers and consumers (as is usual in the coffee industry), I make genuine, direct connections between coffee roasters, consumers, and coffee producers, like my family.”

- Nelson Raul Amador, Founder of De La Finca Coffee Importers

In the fall of 2019, De La Finca purchased a 9-acre property in Marcala, La Paz (the specialty coffee hub of their home country of Honduras) as an experimental specialty farm. While their family's farms are mainly located three hours away in the Comayagua region, De La Finca's property in Marcala allows for research and experimentation with various coffee production and processing methods without interfering with production on their family's farms.

As they grow, De La Finca intends to use the Marcala, La Paz property as an example farm, implementing and teaching best industry practices. By training other producers in what they're learning in terms of production and operations, and offering workers higher wages and year-round employment, De La Finca is leading by example to positively impact and transform the specialty coffee industry in Honduras.