C70 Ceramic Pourover Brewing Kit with Perfect Paper Filters

What's included:

  • C70 Ceramic Pourover Brewer by Saint Anthony Industries
  • 100-Pack of Perfect Paper Filters

Dripper Color

Refine Your Coffee Ritual with the C70 Ceramic Pourover Brewer

Founded in 2014 in Salt Lake City, UT, Saint Anthony Industries is renowned for its commitment to simplicity, ease-of-use, and aesthetic excellence in crafting coffee accessories. The C70 represents a design progression of the classic ceramic pour-over, combining the utilitarian advantages of ceramic with innovative features.

At the heart of the C70 is its proprietary 70° shape and Perfect Paper Filters. This unique design creates a 30% taller brew column compared to standard filters, leading to increased water-to-coffee contact. The result? A more thorough microfine filtration that traps undesirable particles, ensuring they stay out of your cup. This heightened contact not only boosts extraction yields but also reduces the risk of under extraction, delivering an exceptionally clean and crisp cup of coffee.

Experience the benefits of the 70° shape firsthand: increased clarity of flavor profiles, the ability for delicate, nuanced notes to shine through, higher extraction yields compared to conventional brewers, and exceptional thermal stability, guaranteeing a piping hot cup every time. Discover the C70 Ceramic Pourover Brewer, where traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge design to enhance your coffee brewing journey.

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