We are delighted to present Mariana - an offering that embodies the spirit of coffee innovation at Aquiares Estate in Turrialba, Costa Rica. This variety is a newcomer to Aquiares — an F1 hybrid developed in Nicaragua, selected for its rust resistance, vigorous growth, and importantly, a stunning cup profile.

Mariana Natural delivers a truly dynamic taste experience. There's a lot to tease out of this coffee in terms of flavor characteristics.

You'll taste dark fruits like plum and black cherry in the cup, swimming in a rich caramel sweetness. As the cup cools, some playful papaya, melon and cantaloupe notes emerge. The mouthfeel is juicy and refreshing with a super clean, crisp finish.

At the heart of Aquiares’ innovation is Diego Robelo, a third-generation coffee producer and the farm manager at Aquiares. Recognizing the potential in this new hybrid - a cross between IAPAR 59 and a male-sterile Ethiopian landrace - he began cultivating the variety at Aquiares just a few years ago.

Diego notes that the mucilage of the ripe coffee cherries tastes of sweet papaya, not unlike the famous Gesha varieties. This F1 hybrid can be propagated by seed - an exceptional trait that provides a great advantage to farmers, who typically rely on stem cuttings to create new coffee plants.

You can read about the sourcing story behind Mariana Natural in our blog post,
The Road to Aquiares: Discovering the Roots of Our Roasts in Costa Rica.

This year, the Mariana varietal from Aquiares placed into Round Two of the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition, representing a milestone for Aquiares and the Turrialba region. We're extremely proud to share this coffee with you — the latest chapter in the long history of innovation at Aquiares Estate.