Tornado Duo Double Wall Glass Dripper

We've found our new favorite pour-over dripper - and a beauty to boot! Meet the Tornado Duo by Brewista.

We know you'll enjoy every cup made with this piece; we find its design both visually stunning and technically.. genius. Without getting too into the thermodynamics at play  (Barista Hustle does a great job in this article!), the Tornado Duo utilizes the insulating power of air, coupled with the low thermal conductivity of glass to maintain heat within your bed of coffee grounds throughout the brewing process. 

In terms of taste and thorough extraction, we find that the Tornado's sealed double-wall design outperforms brewers made from other materials such as plastic or ceramic in side-by-side comparison. It's super easy to clean as well!

This brewer makes 2-4 cups, and you'll want to grab a pack of these CAFEC 4-Cup Abaca Coffee Filters.

All of your favorite pour over recipes should translate nicely to this brewer; as a general guideline we recommend ~23 grams of ground coffee to 300ml of hot water, with a target of 3.5 minutes total extraction time.