Brazil: Cerrado Paubrasil Natural

Hazelnut, chocolate malt, dried cherry


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We've spent a lot of quality time with this coffee, familiarizing ourselves with and highlighting its lovely characteristics while also learning so much about our own process and vision. Truly a labor of love, we're proud to now present Paubrasil.

This naturally processed coffee is near and dear to us here at Loom - it's among our flagship offerings and represents one of our first sizeable green coffee purchases.

Smooth, nutty, and chocolatey with dried cherry sweetness, this balanced and full-bodied coffee can stand alone and pairs well with cream, too - if you prefer. Whatever your brew method, this cozy and consistent coffee will make a great addition to your daily routine.

This coffee is produced in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. According to the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation, the region is made up of fifty-five counties, 210,000 hectares of coffee farms, and 45,000 producers. The Cerrado region produces five million bags per year - around 12.7% of Brazil's annual coffee output.

Cerrado Mineiro is the first region in Brazil to receive protected Designation of Origin status - a program that promotes traceability and transparency in the coffee supply chain.

As part of the Destination of Origin program, every bag of Cerrado green coffee is provided with a scannable code. When scanned, the code provides information about the farm such as the farmer's story and coffee details (variety, processing method, lot size, flavor profile, suggested roasting profile, and more). The code is attached to green coffee bags and can be added to bags of roasted coffee as well, making this detailed information available at all stages of the supply chain. This means everyone can learn more about where their coffee is from!