It's our pleasure to present Tsebel - a washed blend of Guji, Typica, and Heirloom varieties sourced by the team at Catalyst Trade from smallholders in the Hambela Wamena district of the Guji zone.

We've really been looking forward to bringing some coffees from Catalyst Trade to our menu - they're Ethiopian-American owned, woman-led coffee importers driven by a dedication to sustainability, equality and innovation.

.."everyone who works in coffee deserves to experience the rewards of their labor through increased quality of life and more equitable profit distribution."

A cornerstone of Catalyst's responsible sourcing program, Tsebel represents the collaboration of many hands throughout the coffee supply chain. This particular lot was sourced from long-time Catalyst partner Aklilu Kassa, whose family owns or supports a wide network of washing stations and farms in the Guji zone.

Tsebel is Catalyst Trade's custom organic blend of washed coffees from these sites, developed with a specific flavor profile in mind - the classic "Washed Ethiopia" moment, giving lively citrus and bright fruit with delicate florals.