Atmos Vacuum Canister

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Fresh beans are arguably the most important component of your brew routine, and the Atmos Vacuum Canister by Fellow Products has you covered. Atmos utilizes an innovative integrated vacuum pump, hidden inside its lid, to remove and prevent oxidation. Simplypop on the lid, twist it back and forth, and feel the tension as oxygen is removed from the chamber. Watch the dot on the top of the lid drop to reveal a green ring. Now you’re set- the vacuum is locked and your coffee (or snacks, herbs and more) will remain fresh for up to 50% longer! The matte stainless steel exterior also shields contents from sunlight for maximum flavor protection. When you’re ready to enjoy, just press the Early Release button on top to release pressure. You’re on your way to a super fresh cup of coffee!



Capacity: 0.7 L, up to 10 oz of coffee beans

Materials: Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass

Diameter (inches): 4.25" Height (inches): 5.00"

Max Light Roast Whole Bean Capacity: 11.1 oz or 315 g

Max Dark Roast Whole Bean Capacity: 8.8 oz or 250 g

Cleaning: Hand-wash only