Anfim CODY II Espresso Grinder

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Professional Espresso Grinding with Anfim CODY II

The Anfim CODY II Espresso Grinder is a masterclass in espresso grinding precision, designed for both the professional barista and the home enthusiast. Nestled within its robust frame are 64 mm flat steel burrs, with the option to upgrade to titanium-coated burrs. These burrs are known for delivering a consistent and quality grind that's crucial for the perfect espresso. Along with its two programmable timed settings, which offer an impressive 0.1-second precision, it features a manual pulsed grinding button, giving users full control over their grind.

Precision Grind Adjustments for the Perfect Espresso Shot

A notable feature is the stepless worm gear adjustment, a legacy from the acclaimed Caimano platform. This provides users with the ability to fine-tune their grind to exact specifications, ensuring the best extraction for every espresso shot. Paired with its 1 lb shut-off hopper at the top, managing coffee beans has never been more efficient. Additionally, the adjustable portafilter forks are straightforward to set up. And the portafilter button? It's designed with a barista's workflow in mind—interrupt the grinding, groom the coffee, then continue grinding. All these features converge to make the CODY II not just a tool but a reliable companion for crafting the finest espressos.

Compact Design Ideal for Cafés and Home Enthusiasts

However, it’s not just about functionality. The CODY II’s design also considers the space. With a compact frame and a short hopper, it's a perfect fit for both cozy home kitchens and bustling café countertops. Moreover, the LCD display adds a touch of modernity and ensures that settings are visible and easy to navigate.

The Total Package: Ensuring Perfect Espresso Every Time

To summarize, the Anfim CODY II Espresso Grinder brings a blend of precision, reliability, and thoughtful design. Every element, from its burrs to its portafilter forks, is crafted keeping the end user in mind. Whether you're an expert barista or an at-home coffee enthusiast, the CODY II ensures that every grind is a step towards a perfect espresso. Included in the box are the grinder with its 1 lb shut-off hopper, a grinds tray, an instruction manual, and a grinder brush—a complete set to kickstart your espresso journey.

What's included:

  • Anfim CODY II Espresso Grinder with 1 lb shut-off hopper
  • Grinds tray
  • Instruction manual
  • Grinder brush

Anfim CODY II Product Sheet
Anfim CODY II User Manual