Tanzania Masangula

Country: Tanzania

Region: Hasamba, Masangula, Ndolezi, Lukululu, Nyimbili, Hezya, Sumbaluelu, Ilembo, Nambala villages

Farm: 220 smallholder members of Masangula AMCOS

Process: Fully Washed

Variety: N39, KP423

Harvest Schedule: June-August

Altitude: 1200-1800 metres

Lemon zest, spice, tropical fruit

You're really in for a treat with this special offering from Tanzania. This peaberry selection comes to us from the Masangula AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) in southwestern Tanzania. A crisp lemon zest aroma leads to a flavorful and exciting cup: light mango and sparkling citrus, brown sugar sweetness, and depth from an unexpected and playful peppery spice note. This unique, yet approachable coffee reminds us to explore and savor the moment (and maybe another cup).

Established in 2015, 220 smallholder farmers from several local villages are served by the Sombezi factory and Masangula AMCOS. The farmers deliver their coffee as cherry and it is depulped throughout the afternoon and evening. Then it is graded in water channels and soaked for 24–36 hours for fermentation. After washing, it's soaked for an additional 8–12 hours, and then dried on tables for one to two weeks before being transported for export.