Marcala, Honduras: Finca Californeo

Country: Honduras

Region: Marcala, La Paz

Farm: Finca Californeo

Process: Honey

Variety: Red Bourbon

Harvest: October-March

Altitude: 1750 metres

Dark chocolate, fresh pear, cane sugar and lime

Oscar Omar Alonzo is known for his hands-on approach in the production of world-class microlots. Through his two farms in Marcala, La Paz Honduras (Finca Cual Bicicleta and Finca Californeo) he works continuously to improve the quality of both his coffee crop and the soil itself by way of wholesome farming techniques and innovative processing methods. He uses discarded coconut husks to enrich the soil beneath his coffee plants, finding that they retain moisture during the dry seasons and increase nutrient availability. 

A good friend of Nelson Amador, Honduran native and founder of De La Finca Coffee Importers, the two work closely to bring Alonzo's coffee to the US in a transparent, direct trade arrangement.

Grown at 1750 metres, this Red Bourbon varietal is hand-picked to ensure that only the ripe cherries are harvested, and treated to honey processing which brings high notes of juicy pear and lime to the cup, grounded with a dark chocolate body.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Educate2Envision - a nonprofit organization promoting education in rural Honduras - a portion of all profits from the sale of this coffee will be donated to E2E. These funds are used to build secondary schools in coffee producing communities, and well as to provide youth scholarships in these areas. 


Educate2Envision also works to tackle issues such as senior care, disease prevention and dismantling unhealthy gender norms through their initiatives on the ground in rural Honduras; to date the organization has built over 11 secondary schools and provided over 500 youth scholarships in communities where the help is needed most. We're grateful to be in partnership with E2E - click on their logo about to learn more about their impacts and how you can get involved!