Common questions about the Artisan Kettle

The likely culprit is a blown thermal fuse. This is generally caused by running the kettle without water in it. Make sure to only run the kettle with water in it.

On the Brewista water kettles there is a silicon ring in the bottom where the temperature probe goes through the base. No plastic touches the water anywhere in the kettle.

If you fill your kettle less than 500ml than the water temperature control will not be as accurate. We depend on a certain volume of water to allow for moving the temperature up and down one degree.

Without enough thermal mass to absorb the heat generated with each heating cycle, it is easier to over shoot the set temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. 

Boiling time is greatly influenced by elevation, but typically a switched kettle will go to boil in under 5 minutes with 1.0L of water.

At higher elevations water boils at lower temperatures. Please refer to the "High Altitude Users" graph in the owner’s manual of any Brewista kettle.

◦ Rated voltage: 120 V ~60 Hz 

◦ Rated current: 10A 

◦ Rated power input: 1200W 

◦ Capacity: Max. 33.814oz (1.0L)

Brewista variable temperature kettles have extremely accurate temperature controls. This requires a very clean power source to maintain accuracy.

The kettles will work with 50 Hz or 60 Hz but must have cleaner power than is possible to get from a transformer. You should only use the correct voltage kettle for your local power source.

It is a requirement for any kettle that bears the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) seal (as all Brewista kettles do) to automatically shut off the keep warm feature when the kettle is removed from the base.

This is a required safety measure to prevent users from heating an empty kettle. It is not possible to disable this safety function.

To restart the keep warm function, simply press the Keep Warm button once the kettle has been returned to the base.

Brewista variable temperature kettles are designed to stop the temperature increase once water boils.

While it is possible to set the desired temperature to one that is higher than the boiling point for your elevation, the kettle will not exceed boiling.

This is a safety feature. The reason that the available temperature range goes up to 212° is to accommodate users at lower elevations where a higher temperature is required to reach a boil.

The logic for all kettles is first developed in C (Celsius). The conversion for C to F (fahrenheit) is NOT an even ratio. For example, 90 C is equal to 194. However, 91 C is equal to 195.8 which rounded up is 196.

Instead of creating an entirely separate piece of logic for fahrenheit markets, we just added a read out that is a “rough” translation. The kettle is still reading in C but displaying in F. So the Brewista kettles will allow you to set 194 as a temp, skip 195, and allow you to set 196.

Shipping & Returns

Orders for Artisan Kettles are fulfilled by Brewista. If you have questions about shipping, please refer to the Brewista Shipping and Returns FAQ.

Orders for Artisan Kettles are fulfilled by Brewista. If you have questions about returns, please refer to the Brewista Shipping and Returns FAQ.